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Innocence Couture is from the famous golden heart of India, Were fashion is experienced firsthand. Mumbai is the city of such super elegant fashionable designs. We have been designing and working in the world of luxury couture Embroidery for mostly and decade and a half. Our Speciality is the art Of Tambour Beading Embroidery. However the family is in the business of fashion for almost 40 Years. Fully equipped and experience in all means with a dedicated design production, dispatch & accounts team.

Design privacy and customer satisfaction is our prime motto.

Hope you enjoy the site and find the artistic beading embroidery as Captivating and fascinating as we do.
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Handmade Embroidery is an ancient art in India following from several Centuries. Such work is known as Zari or Aari work. It was mainly used to design the costume of Kings & Royal families in several Princely States of India. It is also Known as Broderie de Lunivelle and Broderie Chainette named after Luneville in France. Where during the 19th Century, the tambore hook, which has been used exclusively for thread embroidery beads and sequences. In Europe this technique Is commonly used to bead haute couture garments.
These days a Lesage is acclaimed in the fashion world for the beaded Embroideries worked for many well known fashion designers.

Design Room

We create all kinds of crafted Embrioderies with all sorts of Material on predefined Models, Fabrics created by our professional designing team. Our collection are designed from the sublime inspiration to create luminous beauty that makes it is unique and special. Our main specialty is the art of Zari/Tambour Beading Embroidery.

This is an amazingly creative and absorbing style of embroidery. With a mesmerizing array of beads, sequins, metallic threads, precious & semi precious stones available, the design possibilities for such embroidery are limitless. Just like you see on the dresses worn by the Celebrities at different occasions.

This very stunningly glamorous beading are made by little hands, by incredible artisans of the thread and the needle, these “Masters” meaning great and professionals who, not even the best couturier could do without? Even because little, their hands are not.


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